June 2017 – Oklahoma Province OCDS
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Policy-procedure for members of disbanded Communities and Study Groups

Cf. 2016 Statutes – Community Life-Isolates VIII.6, and Transfers XVII. 
Also, please read the provincial procedures for transfers.

In no case is an OCDS to be “free-floating” without accountability to the Order.

Professed OCDS members whose Community or Study Group has disbanded must attempt, in good faith, to transfer to another Community or Study Group.

The Provincial Council or the Provincial Delegate will help these professed members connect with another Community.

A nearby Community is the first choice, so that the member can attend the monthly meetings.  If there is no nearby Community, the member may apply to another Community for acceptance as an Isolate.  Closer is preferable, so that the member can attend meetings at least occasionally.

While the statutes call for six meetings before a transfer is accepted, attending the community’s meetings is not practical for Isolates.  Councils and Isolates may communicate via email or telephone while proceeding with the transfer.

Definitively professed members

In the case that a definitively professed OCDS is unable to complete a transfer to another Community, the Provincial Delegate will determine whether to:

  • Personally request a Community to accept the member as an Isolate,
  • Or assign the member to Provincial Council care.

A definitively professed member who is placed under PC care will:

  • Be supported in the vocation by the PC or a designated member of the province.
  • Maintain communication with the PC (or support person) on a regular basis. The frequency is determined by the current PC and may be adjusted.
  • Stay informed of provincial news and events, and participate as able.
  • Pay the provincial assessment each year by March 31.

Members in Formation II (have made the First Promise)

  • Must belong to a Community or Study Group to continue formation and make the Definitive Promise.
  • May continue formation as Isolates only as members of a canonical Community.
  • If they are unable to join another Community they will be released from the Promise. (The Provincial Delegate may make an exception.)

Aspirants and candidates in Formation I (have not made First Promise)

  • May apply for acceptance to another Community or Study group if they are able to attend the meetings. Or
  • May decide to discontinue.
  • If they apply to another community, the local Council discerns whether or not to accept the person into formation.
  • If accepted, the local Council determines the appropriate formation level.
  • If not accepted, the policy on readmissions applies.