Revised June 2017 – Oklahoma Province OCDS
This statement supersedes all previous statements on Leave of Absence.

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Leave of absence norms:

Read first 2016 Statutes section VIII.8

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Leave of Absence is for definitively professed members who need time away from the community and a break from the vocation for an extended period.

LOA is not for members in First Promise.  Members who have made First Promise and want time away are simply released from the Promise and may be readmitted at a later date, at the discretion of the local Council.

LOA is not for members who are becoming aged or are too infirm to attend meetings [cf. Statutes Section VIII.5]

LOA is not permission to be absent from some things and attend others.  It is a break from the community and the vocation for a set period of time.  If that doesn’t seem right for a given individual, Extended Excused Absence might be a better choice.  [cf. Statutes section VIII.7]

Members on LOA may stay in touch with the local Council but are not required to.  This is decided by the member and Council together.

LOA members are not counted in the provincial assessment (dues).

At the end of the LOA, the member may come back to the community, ask for an extension, or be released from the Promise.  The LOA cannot continue indefinitely.

For further guidance, see “readmissions norm.”


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